For this week's WANT WEDNESDAY WEEKLY, I have chosen a product I have bought before and will continue to buy. Living up in frigid Ottawa, Canada means dealing with the winter war inflicted by mother nature every year. My weapon of choice is a pair of chisel toe Blundstone Boots and R.M. Williams Saddle Dressing.


I have had my Blundstone Boots for just over 3 years now, at the recommendation of my parents. I originally purchased them for a trip to the UK, where they were well suited to the variety of weather we had on our trip. The biggest item that stood out at the time was that my parents each had owned their pair for an insane length of 10 years.

Hoping to use my pair for even half of that time, I started looking around for a way to care for my own boots and found the Saddle Dressing. 


Essentially, you wipe down your boots with a damp cloth, let them dry and then apply this paste and work it into the boots. The dressing has a similar consistency to Vaseline and can be worked in using a cloth or even just with your fingers. I make sure to work it into the seams on my boots to ensure they stay flexible and also watertight.

For me, it allows me to wear my Blundstone Boots in the gross winter conditions, avoiding the need to clunk around school in huge snow boots the whole day. A huge plus when you have 7 hours of lectures on Mondays. As if Mondays were not bad enough already.


Coming in at a grand total of about $35, this is honestly a no brainer to buy for me. I have had the same tin of this stuff for a while and I am no where even close to being done it. So, while I already have it, I am still going to place it where it should be, on the WANT WEDNESDAYS WISH LIST!*


* A list of no physical value until I either a) graduate and gain employment or b) win a lottery somehow or c) attempt to ask for the lot on my birthday


Thanks for taking the time to read my WANT WEDNESDAY WEEKLY! New posts will be out every Wednesday (-ish) or until Canada just stops functioning, until next week - BC


All images, quotes, and external information credit of Blundstone and R.M.Williams

Brennan Chiu