For this week's WANT WEDNESDAY WEEKLY, I chose the Trophy Jigger from the new Umbra Shift collection, designed by the Umbra in house design studio.

The Jigger is available in both a brass and gunmetal finish and has 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 ounce liquid measurements for all your party needs.


The shape and form of these bar cart essentials nicely reinvents the preconceived notion of a measuring item, while casually reminding the us of that iconic top heavy trophy shape through the two basins.

The ingenious method of using an internal line on the 1.0 Oz basin allows for a 0.5 Oz measurement, effectively enabling a three-for-the-price-of-two. And speaking about price, at the boxing day sales price of just $20 ($25 normal price) the Trophy Jigger costs about as much as a good bottle of wine. The main difference being that this piece will stick with you for many evenings to come and will not shatter into a bunch of pieces when it is inevitably dropped while attempting to clean up.


At the current point in my year, where exams have finally wrapped up, but the work of the new year has not quite begun, this piece has already found some action since I first purchased it as a Christmas gift to myself on boxing day. While I sprung for the darker gunmetal version, I actually did also purchase the brass version as a gift for another and was pleasantly surprised with the finish. While the exterior remains a matte, almost dimpled finish, the team behind this product has created a smooth, shinier brass finish for the interior of both basins. It creates a nice subtle contrast that the eye doesn't notice, at least not right away anyway. 


Considering I have definitely spent more than $20 on fast food in one weekend, buying this for my bar set was pretty much a no brainer. Personally, I preferred the gun metal version more but both styles look exceptional and while I already have it, I am still going to place it where it belongs, on the WANT WEDNESDAYS WISH LIST!*


* A list of no physical value until I either a) graduate and gain employment or b) win a lottery somehow or c) attempt to ask for the lot on my birthday


Thanks for taking the time to read my newest WANT WEDNESDAY WEEKLY! New posts will be out every Wednesday (-ish) or until this whole internet thing takes over, until next week - BC


All images, quotes, and external information credit of Umbra

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