For this week's WANT WEDNESDAY WEEKLY, I have chosen the Stendig Calendar designed by Massimo Vignelli in 1966.

The Stendig Calendar is actually on permanent display, and is the only Calendar in the Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.


In the spirit of the approaching new year and my conscious effort to organize my life, I have chosen the Stendig Calendar for this weeks WWW. With the thousands of styles, editions and variations of organizers and calendars I have seen over the years, this is by far the best. I consider it a true must have for any professional, design or otherwise.

This may be my own personal opinion, but I do not understand the commonplace need to clutter an item that will be (if you are as perpetually busy as I am) full of appointments, meetings, and reminders. The important details like the date of a day should be the largest and visually prioritized, if someone made the effort to hang a calendar, they probably know what day of the week it is. The Stendig Calendar does a very nice job of keeping it informative, but simple.


By some odd fluke, my life currently seems to involve being bombarded by a flood of overly branded and stylized calendars from sources like my university, my work and even random charity handouts. A majority of these I would never be caught hanging up in a visible space, and certainly not a personal space either. Something about not wanting the pictures of the partners of some law firm somewhere staring down at me as I sleep. In addition, the majority of these calendars are seen as marketing and advertising material, using the same visual rules as brochures and adverts. The corporate colours of some charity or company should not be permanently on display, like some flag or poster in a home. The chances these will visually clash with every existing environment and home is high, just save your printing costs and stick to colour logos, trust me, people will appreciate it.


Corporate logos and items of course are important in this corporate world, but a quick reminder that a calendar is intended for organization of the user, meaning if your logo takes up a fifth or gargantuan third of the available space, are you really that important for that daily reminder? Generally the human memory is decent enough to remember ‘oh yeah, we were given this as a gift/ in a welcome kit/ for free” and a small corner logo would be sufficient to remind anyone whoever gifted it.

At the end of the day, it is only a Calendar, it should be regarded as both a visual object like a poster or painting, combined with the function of a reminder and scheduling system and should be properly considered in that capacity.


Forgetting the fact that my wallet will try and kill me if I spend 50$ on a Calendar, it is considered a purchase made once a year. With this in consideration, I have decided to add this Calendar to the WANT WEDNESDAYS WISH LIST!*

* A list of no physical value until I either a) graduate and gain employment or b) win a lottery somehow or c) attempt to ask for the lot on my birthday


Thanks for taking the time to read my WANT WEDNESDAY WEEKLY post! New posts will be out every Wednesday (-ish) until  I run out of inspiration, until next week - BC


All images, quotes, and external information credit of Etsy, Shopify

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