Welcome to the first WANT WEDNESDAY WEEKLY, an informal weekly design critique devoted to highlighting interesting and intriguing design! Essentially a platform for me to show appreciation for innovative and well thought out design, completely unsponsored and unendorsed!


To start off my WANT WEDNESDAYS series, I have chosen this leather belt from a product design studio in Portland, Oregon.

I actually stumbled across this design while looking for a suitable replacement for the old leather belt I have worn for a couple years now.

Having seen a truck load (an 18 wheeler sized truck, mind you) of belts from big name fashion brands to small consignment stores, described as modern or minimal, it is nice to find a belt that actually is minimal. I can honestly say, this belt is the only one that has come close to what I am looking for.

In terms of aesthetics, the lack of a large obnoxious logo, combined with the simplicity of the shape in the buckle are big selling points for me. These are well complimented with the material choices (for me, matte black), I would be amiss to not want this belt.

But a belt is more than just aesthetics of course, the function, mechanism, durability, and replacement are all important factors for any product that is meant to last. Anyone with any experience with products, both on the design and consumer side, can tell you the first thing to fail is always the moving parts, but with this belt there are none. The buckle is "solid stainless steel" fabricated in a single piece to ensure durability, and the leather belt itself has no fasteners, stitching or metal parts either.


According to the Grovemade site, the development of this belt took roughly two years, and it honestly shows. They have relocated the sizing options to the underside half of the belt, increasing the visual appearance and simplicity of the look meaning I can wear this to a formal dinner one night, and to the movies another.

This design has (dare I say it) true modularity, not the gimmicky reversible belts you find with many current designs, meaning I can change the buckle to another belt without a tool. As a hands on person, I love the fact that I would be able to design additional belts in any type of strap I would like, just by following the same hole system.


While the price is a touch steep for a design student like myself, I definitely see this product as a solid investment in a quality design. With this in consideration, I have elected to make this belt the first ever item on the WANT WEDNESDAYS WISH LIST!*

* A list of no physical value until I either a) graduate and gain employment or b) win a lottery somehow or c) attempt to ask for the lot on my birthday


Thanks for reading my first ever WANT WEDNESDAY! New posts will be out every Wednesday until the end of time (or until I run out of inspiring products), until next week - BC


All images, quotes, and external information credit of Grovemade

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